Are Internet Music Producers The Future Of HipHop?
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Are Internet Producers The Future Of HipHop?
In 2017 we witnessed a huge wave of internet music producers on many significant projects. Artists like Desiinger, Chris Brown, Migos, Lil Skies and Trippie Redd have all seen a major breakthrough from utilizing beats online, mostly type beats attained on YouTube. 

Unlike the old school days of in-house producing, it seems like the industry is now turning to the internet for production. 
As this practice of uploading beats online continues to grow, it is almost certain internet music producers are the future of hip-hop. Many producers like CashMoneyAP and others are bringing home a six-figure salary by uploading type beats on YouTube on a regular basis. 

Where Can I Find The Best Internet Music Producers?

Finding Music producers online is rather straightforward and affordable. T
here are numerous beatmakers with excellent beats waiting to hear from you right now!. YouTube, for example, is a great way to listen to thousands of music producers without doing too much searching. 

A simple search for ''Young Thug Type Beat'' on Youtube will yield thousands of results in just seconds, speeding up the creative process for most artists. We listed our favorite producers on YouTube for your browsing pleasure, enjoy.

Don't see your favorite producer?
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As more and more producers cash in on the movement, is it safe to say the internet is the future for hip-hop production?

Lets us know your thoughts below!
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