How To Promote Your Music On Soundcloud (2018 FREE Viral Guide)
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How To Promote Your Music On SoundCloud (2018 FREE Viral Guide)

Promoting your SoundCloud can be a time-consuming process that most would rather not even try. Here in this article, we share tips and tricks to help you speed up the process organically without the use of any bot. 

1. Get Some Artwork
Cover art is just as important as a beat, many artists overlook this detail and as a result, lose a lot of traffic. Using proper artwork can get your twice as many clicks on SoundCloud.

2. Update Your Tags
Forgetting to update your tracks is like forgetting to put your pants on, YOU JUST DONT. Tags are one of the most important factors on SoundCloud and pretty much determines the outcome. Don't know what tags to use? Find a similar track and see what tracks they have on their song to get an idea. Additionally, you can use websites like

3. Collaborate 
A handful of artists have gone viral due to various collaboration with other up and coming artists.
Have a budget for your project? Find an artist that's trending and pay for a collaboration and cross-promote in order to get more fans. This method has been proven and continues to be used by major labels whenever older artist needs a push from younger artists 

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