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Type beat websites or ”type beats” in general have become a staple inside the hip hop community. Furthermore, these instrumentals have become more and more prominent in the last few years. But how do you distinguish the top websites selling beats? Here, in this article, we present our favorite websites to use in 2021. 


BeatsPremier is a beat-selling website with a unique beat-selling modal. This website offers unlimited downloads for a low monthly fee. Producers upload beats daily and you can always find something good, sort of like Netflix. 19.99 for unlimited beats.


Beatstars has been indirectly responsible for many of today’s top hits including songs like ”Old Town Road” and more. Browing this website for type beats will most definitely be a success. However, prices vary anywhere from 20-$2000 depending on the producer. While this pricing modal is not bad it can make a marketplace less fun to browse.


This website has a huge amount of support from its die-hard users ever since its inception. Finding good beats can be a challenge since this website offers a free plan for music producers. In conclusion, we think TRAKTRAIN is a great place to buy beats.


Lastly, we have YouTube. Youtube is a good place to browse for new producers. You can find free-type beats as well as paid tracks pretty quickly. Many huge producers have risen out of this website with their type instrumentals. 

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