How To Make Music Sound Better ( 5 tips)

Making your music sound good can be difficult when you’re new to mixing and mastering. Artists spend countless hours trying to mix and master songs only to end up with a worse mix than when they started. So, how do you make music sound better? Here in this article, we show you 5 tips you can use to make your songs hit just right. 

1.) Keep it low

More than often music artists get the notion that louder is better. Keeping your mix low can be a HUGE gamechanger for you. Having your tracks low gives you plenty of headroom for effects and compression. When your vocals are loud you sacrifice the headroom and your mix will be bad.

2.) Cut frequencies 

Cutting high and low frequencies that are not being used can make your song sound more clear. Try using the EQ and experiment.

3.) Use WAV files 

Using WAV files is the industry-standard method. Many artists make the mistake of recording over mp3 files and wonder why their song sounds flat, thin, or distorted. Notice how major artists have tracks that sound full? Try it.

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