How Spotify Changed The Game.

Even though streaming killed CD album sales, the positive side has been utterly missed. Firstly, the majority of music now being produced, sold, shared, purchased, and discovered outside the traditional music industry. Much better, more sales revenue is being made by artists and businesses as a result.

The internet has unveiled never-ending possibilities to promote, sell your music and beats. And while that may seem challenging, it simply helps you focus on other ventures. The music game has been restructured by websites like Spotify and SoundCloud.

Millions of Americans consider themselves music artists in 2021. Artists in all areas of the spectrum have embraced Spotify as a medium to improve how they market music. Upcoming artists are getting discovered on Spotify by record labels from the jump. Even podcasters are cashing in on the action.

These widely used, music-based social communities let you publish music for people to find and stream. These days the biggest acts earn all their money from merchandise and touring.

YouTube. YouTube is the best way of finding new music or beats. Simply upload your song or beat and gain views. Even better, allow for advertisements on music and you could offset any prices with a certain amount of advertising revenue.

In conclusion, Spotify made it easier for unknown artists to get paid from making music. What are your thoughts on streaming websites?

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